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  • Cannot sit for a long time due to pain

  • Pain when standing up

  • Pain when sitting down

  • Muscle twitching during sleep

  • Pain in groin

  • Cannot walk

  • Clicking sound from knee

  • Feeling pain inside of bones

  • Pain on back of the knee

A 64 year old female patient who had rheumatoid arthritis for 15 years came in to the clinic. This patient complained about pain in her finger, wrist, shoulder, knee, foot and wherever there is a joint, she feels pain. She thought that this was something she had to live with, and lived without any hope. However, 20 days before she came in, her pain became so severe she had to do something about it. She also said she often feels stuffy in her chest.

First, I pressed acupuncture point “肩井穴” to check her phlegm condition. Patient screamed due to severe pain. Therefore, acupuncture point “Gall Bladder Tonify” was used, on the next day, patient was able to feel her toes little bit. After several acupuncture treatment, her toes, knees, and hand pain was resolved.

Just like this case, it is hard to treat disease (HTDS) often can be treated with Oriental Medicine. Just like this case, strengthening the joints by promoting and rebalancing the immune system can relieve pain from rheumatoid arthritis.

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