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  • Feels like there are small flies or spider web in front of eye

  • Eyelid twitching

  • Cannot see well at night

  • Eyes become red easily

  • Many sleep in the eyes

  • Dry eyes

  • Itchy eyes

  • Blurred vision

  • Feels like eye is going to pop out

  • Protruding eyes (hyperthyroidism)

  • Cannot close eyes

  • Eyes are constantly watering

57 year old female patient came in to clinic saying that her left eye is cloudy. She went to her ophthalmologist and was diagnosed with fundus hemorrhage. She was told that there was nothing much they could do, therefore, she came in to get oriental medicine treatment. Besides cloudiness in her eye, she also felt like bugs were crawling all over her face, a tingling sensation in her right hand and restless legs at night.

“Cleansing eye” herbal decoction was given and acupuncture points “tonifying Kidney”, “Sedate Stomach”, and “Stomach cold” were used. After 3 sessions, patient was able to see improvement in the cloudiness of her left eye. After repeating the same treatment seven more times, she felt so much better and now her eye only bothers her little. After 3 more treatments, she no longer saw dark spots and her eye symptoms were resolved.

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