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  • All of the joints are hurting

  • Always have flu

  • Can feel own heartbeat

  • Sleep disorder

  • Severe forgetfulness

  • Cannot control anger

  • Cannot concentrate

  • Hot flashes

  • Urinary incontinence

  • Feeling drowsy after eating

A 66 year old female patient came into the clinic. She said her whole body was aching. She always had digestive problems since she can remember, but recently her urination had become more frequent, she had no appetite, signs of gastroptosis, and burped a lot. In particular, she was suffering from a sleeping problem for 10 years. She only slept about three hours per day.

In oriental medicine, the Stomach and Spleen function not only helps digestion problems, but can also harmonize the body’s organs to function well. Therefore, an herbal decoction that tonifies functionality of the spleen and restores energy was given, and the acupuncture point “Stomach Tonify” for functionality of stomach and sleeping points for her sleep disorder.

After the first of treatment, her sleeping hours were extended to 4 hours 30min and gradually increased to 6 hours after 15 days of treatment. Because she sleeps 6 hours now, she feels fresh and rested every morning. Not only that, her digestion problems got better as well.

When we sleep our body repairs whatever we spend or used during the day. If a patient can get quality sleep, often times other symptoms can be resolved by itself. This case shows how fixing one problem (sleep) could resolve other symptoms as well.

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