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  • Lower back pain

  • lower back pain in the morning only

  • Cannot bend

  • Have to take a rest after walking for a little

  • Back pain when coughing

  • Stiff back

  • Heavy feeling of waist

  • Herniated disc

  • Pinched nerve

  • Bulging disc

  • Sclerosis

A 62 year old female came into the clinic for low back pain and high blood pressure. She usually has low back pain and cold sensation around her waist. However, her doctor prescribed medication for high blood pressure. She was worried at the fact that she had to take high blood pressure medication.

Therefore, acupuncture points “Stomach Tonify” to relieve the pain, and “Kidney Tonify” for treating the cold sensation around her waist was used. The pain was fixed sooner than we thought. After that, we started treatment for high blood pressure. In oriental medicine, high blood pressure is often related to the urinary bladder meridian.

We asked “do you feel like your eyes are going to pop out? Do you have night urination? Patient answered “Yes, also, cloudy weather makes my body ache and I cannot digest food with flour very well.”

Those are clear symptoms from the Spleen and Urinary Bladder meridian. So acupuncture point “Spleen Tonify” and “Urinary Bladder Tofiny” was used. After 5 sessions of treatment, she did not have to take her medication anymore.

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