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  • Cannot swallow due to pain

  • Swollen throat

  • Voice won't come out

  • Feels like somethign stuck in the throat

  • Cannot spit out the mucus

  • Yellow mucus

  • Green mucus

  • Dry cough

  • Cough at night

  • Asthma

  • Can"t walk up starits due to short of breath

  • Flu

A 57 year old male came in for a flu he had for 3 months. He had been taking antibiotics for two months, but he still had lots of mucus and shortness of breath. He was worried that he was taking antibiotics for too long, so he decide to get oriental medicine treatment for his flu.

First of all, he had been suffering from the flu for a long time. Therefore, an herbal decoction to restore his energy and immune system was given, the acupuncture point “Lung Tonify” was used. On the next day, he said his coughing was a lot better, and asked me what kind of acupuncture point he got yesterday. He had three more treatments and his flu was resolved.

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