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  • Frozen shoulder

  • Cannot lift arm

  • Shoulder pain

  • Dislocation of arm

  • Tingling sensation of arm

  • Feels like somebody is pulling arm

  • Shoulder pain gets worse at night

  • Golf elbow

  • Tennis elbow

A 56 years old female patient came into the clinic for shoulder pain that felt like the shoulder had been pressed for a long period of time. It felt this way for 10 years. She complains the pain worsened on cloudy days, her digestion was not good, and she always felt tired. During examination, we found that one acupuncture point that is related to the spleen, had muscle tightness.


Therefore, we were sure the shoulder pain was related to the functionality of the spleen. Acupuncture point “Spleen Tonify” was used, after two more sessions of treatment, patient said her digestion improved a lot. Of course, her shoulder pain was resolved.

 She also wanted to do treatment on her dry skin. Therefore, acupuncture point “Large Intestine Tonify” was added. After the treatment she said her skin is a lot smoother and she lost weight on her waist and hip. She even made a joke saying, “Don’t I look prettier?”

This was a fun case that we always remember. She continues to receive acupuncture treatments for her skin even though there is no more pain in her shoulder or problems with her digestion.

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