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  • Tightness of chest

  • Sharp pain in the chest

  • Sighs a lot

  • Easily surprised

  • Cannot breathe well

A 50 year old male patient who works the night shift came in for a stuffy chest and shortness of breath. 10 minute walks force him to stop and rest. He also feels a sharp chest pain, however, x-rays and MRI did not find anything. He also mentioned that he had low back pain and reduced urination.

An herbal decoction that promotes functionality of kidneys was given and the acupuncture point “Kidney Tonify” was used on the left side.

The next day, he felt so good that he went out to jog one lap at the park.  He usually had to walk, but on that day, he was able to jog for 2 laps. His shortness of breath was very minimal.

A couple months later when we came in for different symptoms, he told me that he was hiking and playing badminton.

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