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  • Post-inflammatory hyerpigmentation(Acne scars that won't disappear)

  • Adult Acne

  • Itchy face

  • Red nose & face

  • Hot flashes in the early evening 

  • Bell's palsy

  • Facial paralysis

  • Can't feel half of my face

  • Constant movement of face (tic disorder)

  • Facial pain (trigeminal neuralgia)

  • Sweating even when eating cold food

A 71 year old female patient came in for facial paralysis. Her right molar was hurting and, in the morning after she would wake up, the right side of her face was numb; she was also drooling while eating breakfast.

Starting from that day, she was getting acupuncture treatment every day for 20 days, and her mouth, which was being pulled to the right side of her face, returned to its normal location. However, she still had minor numbness around her mouth.

 Therefore, with paralysis acupuncture treatment, we used acupuncture point LI2 and SI5. Right after inserting the needles, the patient said she felt a cooling sensation around the mouth, and after 20 minutes, the numbness was gone.

After four more treatments, her paralysis went away completely. After a week, she was able to blow a whistle with her mouth. The patient then said she was going to a dentist for her toothache, but we explained that Oriental Medicine also can also treat this.


We explained to the patient how it works and she decided to get acupuncture and an herbal decoction treatment. She said she knew oriental medicine worked for facial paralysis, but she never knew oriental medicine could treat toothaches, too!

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