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  • Weak urine stream 

  • White cloudy urine color

  • Blood in the urine

  • Wakes up often to urinate

  • Urinary incontinence

  • Hot sensation on testicle

  • Swollen testicle

  • Pulling testicle pain

  • Cannot get erection

  • Feels like uterus will fall out

A 37 year old female patient, who recently got married, came into the clinic for infertility. She said her menstrual cycles were very irregular and she had a surgery for polycystic ovary syndrome. And then she later told me when she was alone, her genitals were very itchy all the time. Especially, when she is tired or had intercourse. She applied medicated cream that she got from her gynecologist, but this did not help. She even said she was experiencing the itchiness while I was examining her.

The acupuncture point “Liver sedate” was used to extract the live heat, after five treatments, her itchiness was resolved. She took an herbal decoction to conceive after resolving the itchiness.

A lot of people suffer from genital itchiness, however, often times, they don’t seek medical help. There is no illness you cannot talk about out loud. It’s okay to talk about your problems.

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