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  • Dry lips

  • Blister on lips and mouth sore

  • Bitter taste on tongue

  • Spicy taste on the tongue

  • Salty taste in mouth

  • Cannot eat spicy food

  • burning sensation of tongue

  • Bad breath

  • Cannot stop hiccups

A 57 year old female patient came in for a burning sensation on her tongue. Because of her tongue, she could not eat hot or spicy food at all. She was taking medications for high blood pressure and diabetes. She had a mild stroke three years ago, since then she felt heaviness in her right leg, hot flashes, and itchiness on her face and neck. She snored a lot and she felt like there was something stuck in her throat, which caused constant coughing. She also had shortness of breath, fatigue, and constantly yawned. She was coughing a lot while she was explain her symptoms.


The first thing we treated was the burning sensation in the mouth. The acupuncture point “Lung tonify” was used on the left side and “Spleen Tonify” was used on right side. After seven sessions of treatment, patient tried spicy food as a test and she was able to eat and taste the food. Then the acupuncture point “liver wind expel” was added for coughing. After five more treatments, the patient’s coughing was very improved.

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