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  • Stuffy nose preventing concentration

  • Runny nose (seasonal, temperature)

  • Cannot smell

  • Dry nose

  • Snoring

  • Nose bleed easily

75 year old female patient came in for runny nose. It was winter time when she came in. She complained a little bit of cold weather makes her nose run with clear discharge and causes her to sneeze. Her nose was red and swollen.

Acupuncture points ST36 and SI5 was used for three sessions. Her sinus symptoms improved a lot.


Ganglion in the nose (pterygopalatine ganglion) can also be treated with Oriental Medicine.


34 year old female patient who had touchable size of ganglion in left nostril came in. She had a ganglion surgically removed when she was in elementary school, but the ganglion came back. She wanted to get the surgery again, but her mother recommended she try an Oriental Medicine treatment before she gets surgery.

Patient had a “water toxin” due to stagnation of energy flow and “Phlegm Yin” symptoms. Therefore, herbal decoction name “二陳湯加減方” was given and acupuncture point “Liver Tonify” and “SI Tonify” was used. After three acupuncture treatments and an herbal decoction taken two days after, her ganglion was gone and her sinus symptoms were improved. She was very happy she no longer needed to take antibiotic medication.

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