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Some medical professionals say headaches, and vertigos are bothersome, not serious health conditions.

But if it's interfering with everyday lives how can it not be a serious health issue? 


It is no secret that most people suffering from these conditions took a series of medicines, different brands, diet changes, meditation, etc. But nothing really stops them from getting these issues.


whether you have Meniere's disease or BPPV,  Traditional Eastern Medicine has been very effective when it comes to Vertigo, Headache, and nausea. 


Check this picture on left.

Those lines are the Meridian system. It's the foundation of Traditional Eastern Medicine. Each meridian is closer to the other on the head compared to the body and 8 of 12 meridians are covering the head. 


If you see your pain area is on one of those lines(most likely), there is more chance for us to help you fix it.  

Please tell us about your symptoms using our online consultation below.

We will get back to you with our plan. 

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