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Alternative Medicine and Infertility at Orange County | IC Oriental Clinic

Not being able to conceive is a daunting dilemma for a desirous couple. IF you are such a couple and have seen your share of infertility specialists through the ears, then perhaps a different path deserves looking into. Oriental Medicine/Alternative Medicine.

It's extremely low-risk, natural and safe, and definitely less expensive than another infertility doctor. So why not? you must first understand that this approach is not some anti-infertility drug that will make you conceive. But rather, Oriental Medicine / Alternative Medicine will look into functional reasons for the inability and within its scope prepare your body to get pregnant.

First of all, the infertile partner, or both, will need a window of time, like a couple of months or so of preparation, depending on the complexity, just to ensure that the body systems are ready for possible conception. This preparation is traditional practice of the olden days when couples have difficulty conceiving. A special meal plan, use of certain herbs, and acupuncture may be employed. Theses combinations should help your reproductive organs - uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, the testicles improve their blood circulation and regulate the balance of hormones affecting them. The treatment also targets to produce good quality eggs and sperm and a strong uterine lining to sustain a pregnancy.

Conceive Naturally and Conceive Safely

IC Oriental Clinic in Orange County offers you a safe and natural haven for conception. We understand how infertility can be a stressor in a couple's journey to parenthood and how failed attempts can strain relationships. Come to IC Oriental Clinic with your partner and let us sit you down with Oriental Medicine / Alternative Medicine expertise and modern care for your condition. IT might just be what you have been searching for.



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