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East meets West

Herbal medicine has indeed come a long way. Through much of human history, some ancient cultures have already known about the use and the harm of many known plants occurring in nature. The civilizations of Egypt, Greece, India and China have documented their use of herbals as medicinals in many ancient stones, texts and manuscripts. Having a unique understanding and application of the different plants and plant parts have enabled this science to treat varying disease conditions accordingly – a specific plant or plant mix for a specific condition.

Though herbalism is considered an Oriental medical practice, its spread and acceptance in the western world has caused it evolve into a gradually modernized science without losing its core essentials. Advocates and practitioners organized themselves and shared experiences and expertise reaching global levels. Herbal literature and even medical literature are both rich in research and tests involving the application of natural remedies in clinical cases.


We Mix Our Own

At our Orange County acupuncture clinic, we mix our own herbs. We offer our extensive herb knowledge, precise mixing proportions, and controlled dose regimens for optimal patient benefit. Also for our patients’ concern and well-being, IC Oriental Clinic keeps abreast with on-going advances in clinical research where herbalism is concerned and maintains active membership in various herbal associations.

With our over 200 different herb ingredients that we use, we have a particular product custom- designed for your particular ailment. When you are ready to give this alternative treatment a try, come by and we’ll give you front seat introduction to the world of herbs.

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