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A Traditional Approach to Hypertension

Hypertension is characteristic of high blood pressure. Though it can be a symptom of another disease, over 90% of hypertension cases are not the cause of another disease.

In fact, you can have high blood pressure for years without experiencing any symptoms. It is only in its more severe state that you may begin to notice it in the form of headaches, dizziness, and a racing or irregular heartbeat.

Treating hypertension with traditional Chinese medicine is a simple matter of addressing the causes behind your high blood pressure. These causes can come in many forms, and often have a lot to do with your stress, diet, and daily habits. Try avoiding foods that are rich in sodium, alcohol, or caffeine, and replacing them with foods rich in potassium.

If you smoke, quit. Consider practicing meditation to foster a sense of calm, and get regular aerobic exercise to purge excess sodium from your body.

You might also benefit from professional treatments. Talk to

IC Oriental clinic to learn more about what traditional Chinese medicine can do for you.

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