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Benefit of Cupping

Cupping uses pressurized cups over body parts that are bruised, sore or aching. Heat or air creates the suction effect under the cup as it slightly lifts the skin from the affected muscle. The suction tends to attract blood to the area, increasing the circulation around the bruise and promoting healing. Our American Olympic athletes swear by the benefits of cupping. They feel better, return to routine activity much faster, plus they claim the treatment protects them from further injury.

Just one drawback, though fleeting, comes as an aftermath to cupping. Where the cups caused suction, there will appear visible purple dots on the skin, caused by the tiny capillaries rupturing and spilling small amounts of blood. The spots are tell-tale signs of healing and indicates that recovery is not far off. Blood is just re-absorbed into the circulation, and shortly after, pain is no longer felt even if pressure is applied to the affected areas. Thankfully, you can just cover those spots as you heal, with your regular wear.

In the hands of Experts

Try this traditional healing delivery of cupping at IC Oriental clinic in Orange County today. Our finest American athletes make cupping almost routinary in their competitive games and never mind those purple spots that go away anyway. They are the just the small price for the relief and great feeling that cupping offers.

IC Oriental Clinic, your expert practitioner of this technique, knows the physiological science in the application that benefits not only athletes but regular people like you. In the hands of a trained provider, it’s safe and localized. It’s another drug-free, eastern medicine approach in our modern world.

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