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Managing Morning Sickness the Natural Way

If you suffer from morning sickness during your pregnancy, you don’t need to rely on harsh medications. There are plenty of natural strategies you can use, healthy for both yourself and your developing baby. First and foremost, try to relax; get plenty of water, and try to eat a lot of slow-releasing carbohydrates to keep your blood sugar levels stable. You might also try applying certain acupressure points, including the following:

  • Pericardium 6: This point is found on the forearm, roughly two inches above your wrist crease and between the two prominent tendons. Applying to this point serves to manage your nausea.

  • Stomach 36: You can find this point just outside of the top of your shinbone, where it starts to curve below your knee. Acupuncturists know this point as one of the strongest for influencing the stomach.

  • Ren 12: Another point connected to the stomach, the ren 12 is found at the midline of the abdomen, halfway between the umbilicus and the spot where the ribs are connected to the sternum.

For additional help fostering good health during your pregnancy, consult with Orange Clover Holistic Center

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