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Acupuncture & PTSD

People struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder may find relief from traditional Chinese medicine. This is according to Doctor Michael Hollifield, an associate professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Louisville in Kentucky.

In a study involving seventy-three combat veterans and other people with PTSD, participants were assigned to either receive acupuncture treatments, cognitive-behavioral therapy, or a control group over the course of twelve weeks. At the end of this trial, it was found that the participants receiving treatment of either kind exhibited an improvement of their symptoms. This improvement was comparable for both acupuncture and cognitive-behavioral therapy, and superior to the results of the control group.

“Acupuncture proved helpful enough,” said Hollifield, “to where some participants said they were significantly helped and/or did not have as much of their post-traumatic stress symptoms anymore.” Further, subjects were found to continue exhibiting results from their treatment after three months following the discontinuation of their treatment.

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