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  • Cramping

  • Headache when having a period

  • Swollen body when having a period

  • Bleeding too long

  • Bleeding too short

  • Menstrual cycle is too short

  • Menstrual cycle is too long

  • Cold stomach

  • Feels like wind is coming into me from bottom

  • Feels like uterus is falling out

  • Urinary leakage when laughing

  • Menopause

  • Blood in discharge

  • Have a foul smell discharge

  • Pain when having sex

  • Cannot get pregnant

  • Miscarriage

  • IVF keep failing

  • IUI keep failing

  • Bleeding does not stop after birth

  • Stomachache after birth

  • Mass on breast

  • Want to produce more milk

  • Want to stop producing milk

A 47 year old female patient came into the clinic. She said her skin gets very dry during the winter time, and becomes red and very itchy but she wanted to focus more on her period that she didn’t have for four months.


An herbal decoction to create more fresh blood and circulate the energy was given and the acupuncture point “Small intestine tonify” was used.

After seven sessions of treatment, She brought a cake to say thank you for giving her a period again.  For this case, since the patient also had a skin problem, I saw this case as “血病 (blood disorder)”, treated with regulate the blood flow method.

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